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Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM) based in Ambala is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of civil and mechanical engineering lab instruments.

Established in 2011, we have been manufacturing and supplying laboratory equipments to government organizations, universities, engineering colleges, polytechnics, vocational schools, building and construction and Road and Highway Development projects. With an extensive selection of mechanical engineering and civil engineering equipments, we are capable of providing sustainable precision equipments to our clients all across the globe.

We are the leading manufacturers of Educational Engineering Training Systems and Equipments for teaching in high schools, institutes, universities and colleges. We have ventured into massive expansion program to cater to the need of growing export market and have become top manufactures of engineering educational training systems in the technical training systems sector.

Mechanical Engineering Lab Equipment- We are manufacturer, supplier, exporter and solution provider in Mechanical engineering laboratory equipment, engineering workshop machines, instruments and tools. We are fabricating world class laboratory equipment that includes Material testing lab equipment, Fluid mechanics lab equipment, Turbo machinery lab equipment, Thermal engineering lab equipment or IC engine lab equipment, Automobile engineering lab equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning lab equipment, theory of machine or dynamics of machine lab equipment. mechanical engineering lab equipment, mechanical engineering lab equipment price list, mechanical engineering lab equipment suppliers, mechanical engineering lab equipment suppliers in India, engineering college lab equipment suppliers, engineering lab equipment manufacturers in India, mechanical engineering laboratory equipment, electrical engineering lab equipment manufacturers, structural engineering lab equipment suppliers.

Mechanical Lab Equipments and Training Solutions - Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM)  is a leading manufacturer of world class quality Mechanical Lab Equipments and Basic Science Laboratory Apparatus and Training Solutions. Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM)  offer wide range of educational training, skilling Mechanical Lab Equipments and solutions for Science Lab Mechanical Lab Equipments for Schools, Universities, Colleges, ITI, Polytechnic and Vocational Training Institutes. Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM)  is a leading exporter of science lab products and Mechanical Lab Equipments TVET Education solution provider with a global footprint. Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM)  have a presence and export Mechanical Lab Equipments to more than 30 countries across the world, Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM)  Mechanical Lab Equipments Manufacturers and Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacture Mechanical Lab Equipments Suppliers

Equipment For Civil and Mechanical Engineering Education Manufacturers & Equipment For Engineering Education Suppliers. Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturer (ELIM) are manufacturer of educational equipment used to demonstrate engineering science and engineering principles in university laboratories and engineering school classrooms labs. Technical Labs Teaching Equipments & Engineering Teaching Aids. Mechanical Engineering Lab Manufacturers, Civil Engineering Lab Suppliers, Civil Engineering Lab Exporters India

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