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There are several reasons why the lab glassware used in labs is significant. It is necessary for the precise measurement and flow of liquids. This property is essential since it must be able to tolerate harsh chemicals and high temperatures for much scientific research. The ease of cleaning and sterilizing is the key to lab glassware
Lab glassware Blowers are masters at making intricate lab glassware by technique alone. When the glass is first formed into a rod or tube, it typically gets heated over a blazing flame to make handling easier
What are the fundamentals of lab glassware?
Caution should be exercised while handling lab glassware under pressure or vacuum. To avoid stressing the glass, do not heat glass flasks using an open flame, vacuum, pressure, or any other method.
Lab glassware is glassware that is frequently used in research and laboratory settings. The majority of these products are made of borosilicate glass, which can withstand pressure, extreme heat, and other hard conditions. It is also resistant to chemical corrosion and heat stress.
The lab glassware used in laboratories is made of silica. The majority of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acid, are thought to be insoluble in silica. Additionally, lab glassware is made with standardized forms, calibration, and precise markings to help with measurement accuracy and reproducibility in scientific research. These unassuming containers serve as the invisible heroes of scientific exploration, storing, weighing, combining, and changing the chemicals that reveal the universe mysteries. Transparent, non-crystalline, hard, inorganic, and multipurpose, glass is a substance.
Lab glassware from laboratories may be used to measure volumes with extreme precision. When measuring with extreme accuracy, such as in a testing facility, the glasswares metrological grade becomes crucial. It could be required to periodically verify that the lab glassware is adjusted.

Buchner Funnels, Polypropylene

Product Code : EL-LG-11052

The top portion can be fitted with the lower one forming a vacuum.

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Powder Funnels, Polypropylene

Product Code : EL-LG-11053

The parallel stem minimises the bridging of powder. Powder Funnel

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Measuring Jugs, PP

Product Code : EL-LG-11054

Material : Polypropylene Tapered Spout for Easy Pouring

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Inoculation Loop, PS

Product Code : EL-LG-11055

Inoculation Loops are ideal for streaking and obtaining inoculum without causing any surface damage.

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Inoculation Spreader

Product Code : EL-LG-11056

Material : Polystyrene Colour : Blue

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Cell Scraper

Product Code : EL-LG-11057

Sterile Polystyrene Handle

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Petri Dish, PS

Product Code : EL-LG-11058

The Petri Dishes are intended to culture cells on solid media for microbiological studies.

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Transfer Pipette

Product Code : EL-LG-11059

Soft Elastic Bulb for Easy Use Manufactured from Medical Grade LDPE

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Serological Pipette, Polystyrene

Product Code : EL-LG-11060

Quick & Easy Identification Manufactured from Polystyrene [PS]

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Pipette Tip

Product Code : EL-LG-11061

The specially developed PE filters stop aerosols and contaminants from entering the pipette which lessens the

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Test Tube Rack, PP

Product Code : EL-LG-11062

Material : Polypropylene Colour : Blue

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Pipette Stand, PP

Product Code : EL-LG-11063

Rack Material : Polypropylene Rack Type : Horizontal Storage

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Petri Dish Rack, Acrylic

Product Code : EL-LG-11064

The Petri Dish Rack is manufactured from clear acrylic with a capacity to hold 90mm diameter petri dishes.

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Flask Stand

Product Code : EL-LG-11065

The Round Flask Stand is manufactured from polypropylene with multi-level flask placement decks to accommodate flasks

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Measuring Scoop, Polypropylene

Product Code : EL-LG-11066

The Measuring Scoops are manufactured from polypropylene.

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