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Engineering lab instruments are a broad category of tools and equipment used in engineering laboratories to conduct experiments, collect data, and make measurements. These instruments are essential for engineers to design, develop, and test products and processes.
Some of the most common types of engineering lab instruments include:
1.Measuring instruments: These instruments are used to measure physical quantities such as length, weight, temperature, pressure, and flow rate. Examples of measuring instruments include rulers, calipers, micrometers, thermometers, manometers, and flowmeters.
2.Test and analysis instruments: These instruments are used to test materials and products for properties such as strength, hardness, durability, and composition. Examples of test and analysis instruments include tensile testing machines, hardness testers, microscopes, spectrometers, and chromatographs.
3.Data acquisition and control systems: These systems are used to collect, store, and process data from experiments. They also can be used to control experimental conditions. Examples of data acquisition and control systems include computers, data loggers, and programmable logic controllers (PLCs).
4.Simulation and modeling software: This software is used to simulate and model engineering systems. This can be used to predict the behavior of a system before it is built or to optimize its performance.
Engineering lab instruments are used in a wide variety of engineering disciplines, including:
Mechanical engineering: Mechanical engineers use lab instruments to test the strength, durability, and performance of mechanical components and systems.
5.Electrical engineering: Electrical engineers use lab instruments to test the electrical properties of materials, components, and circuits.
6.Civil engineering: Civil engineers use lab instruments to test the strength, durability, and composition of construction materials, such as concrete, steel, and asphalt.
7.Chemical engineering: Chemical engineers use lab instruments to test the properties of chemicals and to monitor chemical reactions.
8.Biomedical engineering: Biomedical engineers use lab instruments to develop and test medical devices and implants. Engineering lab instruments are an essential part of the engineering design process. They allow engineers to collect data, make measurements, and test prototypes to ensure that their designs are safe, reliable, and effective.

Knife Mill Grindomix

Product Code : EL-ELI-11032

With four sharp, robust blades and a powerful motor, it is ideal for homogenizing substances with a high water,

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Mortar Grinder

Product Code : EL-ELI-11033

The Mortar Grinder mix and homogenize powders, suspension and pastes even with high viscosity.

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Homogenisers with PTFE or glass pestles

Product Code : EL-ELI-11034

Homogenisers and pestles provide a precise shape and are consequently separately exchangeable.

View Details

Planetary Ball Mills

Product Code : EL-ELI-11035

Planetary Ball Mills for mixing and grinding soft, medium-hard, extremely hard, brittle and fibrous materials.

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Ultrasonic Homogeniser Cup Booster

Product Code : EL-ELI-11036

cup booster enables highly intensive sonication of small samples, disruption of cells or sonification of pathogenic or

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Sample Tester Xtractor

Product Code : EL-ELI-11037

The Sample Tester Xtractr is used for content uniformity, assay testing, impurity testing of samples and

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Sample bottles, PP, for water sampling

Product Code : EL-ELI-11038

These gamma sterilised bottles are specially designed for taking, handling, transporting and storing water samples.

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Telescopic Rod Fiberglass Rod

Product Code : EL-ELI-11039

A new, easy-to-handle sample taking system for manual sampling.

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Aluminium sample bags, sealable

Product Code : EL-ELI-11040

Aluminium sample bags, sealable Stand-up pouches

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Sterile Lab Bags

Product Code : EL-ELI-11041

For use in the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical industries.

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Transport Tube 5ml

Product Code : EL-ELI-11042

Transport tubes, PP, with screw cap For convenient storage and dispatch of samples.

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Angular, sample beakers, angled for TeleScoop, PP

Product Code : EL-ELI-11043

TeleScoop is a sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications.

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Surface Catch Net

Product Code : EL-ELI-11044

TeleScoop is a sampling system with exchangeable tools for a wide range of applications.

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Chemo-Sampler PP

Product Code : EL-ELI-11045

PP, grey. For sampling corrosive liquids such as acids, alkaline

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Product Code : EL-ELI-11046

Liquid sampler MiniSampler, PE Taking samples is quick, easy, clean and practical.

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