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Pipe Threading Machine

Product Code : EL-WTMAA-10583

Thread rolling is a chip less cold forming process. 
A plain cylindrical blank, with a diameter part way between the major and minor diameters of the finished thread, is rotated and squeezed between cylindrical type hardened steel dies whose working surface are the reverse of the thread form to be produced.
Unlike other threading process, no material is wasted.
The threads of the die penetrate the surface of the black as it rolls between them, displacing material to form the roots of the threads, and forcing the displayed material readily outward to form the crests.

Specifications : 
Compact design
Fabricated steel frame
Versatile for all type of works
Manual & Automatic cycles
Range of cycle times
Extended universal joint provides smooth operation for bib angle of work piece.
Over sized coolant tank for superior cooling effects.
Low pressure hydraulic power pack to ensure to low heat & minimum maintenance.
“T” type and accurately ground slide assures that jumping and vibration will not happen during rolling.
Centralized lubrication of all important moving parts.

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