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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger with Data Acquisition

Product Code : EL-HAMTLE-10767

The basic experimental apparatus is used for studying heat transfer through a shell and tube heat exchanger under parallel or counter flow conditions.
The unit consists of a shell and tube heat exchanger, and a service module. 
The module comprises a hot water tank with a transfer pump, instruments for monitoring and control. 
Parallel and counter flow is by switching cold water hoses. 
The microprocessor-based instrumentation is well protected in the housing. 
The software consists of software for system operation and for data acquisition and educational software is connected to the PC via USB.
The unit requires outside water supply.

Demonstration of plate heat exchanger under parallel and counter flow.
Determination of heat transfer coefficient.
Effects of flow rate and temperature difference.
Functions of the software: educational software, data acquisition, system operation
Useful for institutions, research laboratories & insulating powder manufactures.

Construction: stain less steel plate type heat exchanger.
Stirrer: 0- 500 rpm

Service module consisting of:
Hot water tank and pump.
Heater: 3000 W.
Temperatures: 6 ea.
Flow meters: Hot water and cold water.
Temperature control unit: 1 ea.

Measuring ranges :
Temperature: 2x 0…325°C
Heating power: 0…3000W

Required for Operation :
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase; 120V, 60Hz, 1 phase

LxWxH (approx.): 800x600x800mm
Weight (approx.): 30kg

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