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Air Entertainment Meter

Product Code : EL-CTLE-10931

This apparatus is designed with an air tight flanged cylindrical bowl, which is available with the following capacities- 0.005, 0.007, 0.01 cubic meters.

Capacity Are Available :
Bowl Capacity: 0.005 cubic meter
Bowl Capacity: 0.007 cubic meter
Bowl Capacity: 0.01 cubic meter
Bowl Capacity: 0.01 cubic meter

An air valve is designed on the conical cover and there is also a petcock for flowing off the water from there.
The cylinder of the device is designed to be air pressure tight. 
The tight hold is captured within a bowl.
The bowl has been fixed with the conical cover assembly and blocked with a seal.
The fixed air content is applied on the conical cover, which has a pressure bulb. 
The applied pressure is counted and recorded on the pressure gauge.
The entire unit of the device is established on a flat base.

Standards: IS 1199 1969 and BS 1881-106.

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