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Level Measurement Trainer

Product Code : EL-MAILE-10807

The Level Measurement Trainer, which is a unique model specially, designed to demonstrate the method and application of load cell to measure water level in a tank. 
This is provided with a drain valve to release the water to the source tank.

A metallic tube is suspended from the load cell till the bottom of the measuring tank.
The system comprises of a acrylic tank of capacity 10 liters fitted with a scale to measure the Level of water.
The tank is provided with a drain valve to release the water to the source tank.
The beam type load cell of capacity 1Kg is mounted on the acrylic cover on top of the measuring tank.
The Load Cell is connected to digital Load indicator.
The instrument is calibrated to read the level in terms of centimeter.
In the front panel of the instrument zero pot is provided by which the display can be made zero level.

Measuring Tank: Acrylic tank of 60cms length
Measuring Range: 50 cms
Water Pump: FHP vertical pump
Source Tank: Metallic tank with EPI coating
Display: 3.5 digit seven segment LED display
Excitation: 10 V DC
Sensor: LOAD CELL with rod suspended
Tare: Front panel Zero adjustment through Potentiometer
Calibration: Front panel cal adjustment through Potentiometer
Power required for operation :
230V, 50Hz, 1 phase
230V, 60Hz, 1 phase

LxWxH: 500x500x600mm
Weight: approx. 45kg

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