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Impact Testing Machine Digital

Product Code : EL-STLE-10562

Electronic digital display :
Simple construction of pendulum izod so that izod or charpy machine, machine can build at sight
Interchangeable stickers for izod & charpy positions
Positive pendulum lock in izod & charpy positions
A braking arrangement for stopping the pendulum
Optional printer interface
Safety guard for protection

Works on Pendulum principle.
Rigid designs of machine frame & other parts assure minimum energy absorption during fracture, which results in improved test accuracies.
The highly stressed & wearing parts like support blocks & strikers are of special alloy steels duly heat-treated.
Safety guard for the operator is provided.
Initial potential energy for Charpy is 300 Joules & for Izod is 170 Joules with a resolution of 0.5 Joules
Pendulum drop angle for Charpy is 140° & for Izod is 90°.
Suitable for Charpy & Izod Impact tests on various materials. 

Caliper gauge for checking V notch for Izod & Charpy.
Templates for checking 10 x 10 mm cross-section of Izod / Charpy test specimen.
Depth notch gauge including V & U notch gauges for checking depth below V/U notch, angle and radius.
Self-centering tong for quick and accurate setting of Charpy test specimen.
‘V’ notch milling cutter.
Izod support for 0.450″ dia Izod round specimen.

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