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Say Bolt Viscometer Apparatus

Product Code : EL-FTLE-10887
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The Saybolt Viscometer is used to determine empirical measurement of Saybolt Viscosity of petroleum products at specified temperatures. 
The time it takes for a 60mL sample to flow through a tube with a specified diameter (furol or universal) is measured and reported in seconds.
The viscometer can be used for temperatures between 21 and 99 °C (70 to 210 °F).
The viscometer includes water-oil bath, stirrer, cooling coil, electric heater with digital thermo regulator.
Viscosity Thermometer set consists of 6 thermometers with the temperature ranges; 19 to 27°C, 34 to 42°C, 49 to 57°C, 57 to 65°C, 79 to 87°C (250 mm length) and 95 to 103°C where each thermometer has 0.1°C subdivisions. 
Filter funnel, withdrawal tube and thermometer set should be ordered separately.

The Saybolt Two-Tube Digital Viscometer is supplied complete with:
Universal Orifice, 2 pcs
Furol Orific, , 2 pcs
Heat Transfer Oil, 5 lt
Saybolt viscosity flask, glass, 60 ml, 2 pcs.
Thermometer Support, 2 pcs
Stopper, 2 pcs
Technical Specifications :
Dimensions: 450x300x550 mm
Weight (approx.): 10 kg
Power: 750 W

Standard: ASTM D88; AASHTO T72

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